Kids’ orthodontics

When should my child see a kids’ orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontists and our Orthodontics Exclusively orthodontists for kids recommend that your child see a family orthodontist for their first orthodontic evaluation at the first sign of orthodontic problems or by age seven.

Your child’s teeth have developed enough by this age to allow our kids’ orthodontists near you in Norman and Oklahoma City to spot subtle problems with emerging teeth and jaw growth before your child loses all their baby teeth.

Your Norman & Oklahoma City pediatric orthodontists

Our Norman and South Oklahoma City pediatric orthodontists and team will treat your children like our own by giving them the best possible orthodontic care.

Your child’s complimentary check-up at Orthodontics Exclusively may reveal that their bite is fine, and kids’ braces aren’t necessary now.

Or, our kids’ orthodontists may identify a developing problem but recommend monitoring your child’s growth and development over time. After that, we can begin orthodontic treatment with clear aligners, metal braces or clear braces for kids at the appropriate time if your pediatric orthodontist still thinks it’s right for your child.

Two-Phase treatment

If your child needs early orthodontic treatment in Norman or Oklahoma City, we can apply a two-phase treatment to correct the problem.

  • Phase-One: If one of our kids’ orthodontists determines that early orthodontic treatment is necessary, the first phase starts when your child still has primary teeth and can include preventive, interceptive, and modifying treatment, where we will focus on your child’s jaw development so it can comfortably hold permanent teeth and have a proper bite. Our pediatric orthodontists may suggest kids’ braces or use other orthodontic appliances as part of the treatment. We can treat multiple issues with tooth alignment, jawbone, and gums with Phase-1 treatment. We may place orthodontic appliances to prevent or treat a problem.
  • Phase-Two: After a resting period between the two phases, our kids’ orthodontists will begin Phase-Two treatment around adolescence, focusing on teeth alignment with braces or clear aligners.

How much do braces cost for kids?

The cost of braces for kids in Norman and Oklahoma City depends on factors such as the type of braces your kids’ orthodontist suggests, your dental insurance coverage, and how complex your child’s orthodontic needs are. For an accurate estimate of the total cost of braces for kids, we advise scheduling a complimentary consultation with one of our orthodontists for kids.

Our mission at Orthodontics Exclusively is to provide affordable kids’ braces options, so we offer various ways to save with us, including interest-free in-house financing with flexible, low monthly payments.

Get started with a free consultation!

If your child is just turning seven or you think they may need braces, see our kids’ orthodontists for a complimentary consultation and see if early orthodontic treatment with kids’ braces, clear aligners or another appliance is right for your child!

Schedule a free consultation with some of the best pediatric orthodontists near you at Orthodontics Exclusively in Norman or Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!

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